Dark Web for your Business

Dark Web for your Business

Using Dark Web Monitoring for your BusinessPasswords are the codes that both access and protect your company’s data, but like the traditional lock and key, any mediocre cybercriminal can usually easily decipher your password.

Technology exists which enables hackers to test literally billions of password combinations per second, increasing the chance of your passwords being cracked.

Passwords are also bought and sold on the Dark Web, with hackers’ specialising in stealing passwords, specifically to sell on to other cybercriminals.

Some of the biggest data breaches of 2020 to date include:

Microsoft – This hack included roughly 250 million entries, including email address and IP addresses of users.
Estee Lauder – A data breach of 440 million records, including internal and external email addresses
Marriot Hotel chain – 5.2 million hotel guests details hacked, including names, genders, phone numbers

With the number of logins people have in this day and age, often users have the same password across many applications, like their social media and online stores login, will be the same as the login they use to access your corporate environment.

Total Computer Technology has partnered with Dark Web ID, to assist you in protecting your business, by identifying, analysing and proactively monitoring the Dark Web to highlight if your organisation has been compromised or stolen employee and customer data has been sold on the Dark Web.

We receive alerts and emails from Dark Web ID when a business credential has been found. We then alert the business contact to ensure all relevant accounts using the email address has its password changed.

We are also able to monitor 5 email addresses for FREE.

Speak to your TCT Business Development Manager today about how we can use Dark Web to protect your business.

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