IT Disaster Recovery

Every business needs to face the reality of threats to business continuity, whether they result from natural disasters such as floods and fires, acts of terrorism, careless (or malicious) employee actions, burglary, power outages or simple hardware failure.

In IT, Disaster Recovery strategy involves the protection of your network technology infrastructure and data so that your business can survive a disaster and access business critical data within a reasonable time frame for your business.

There are many low cost options available for small to medium businesses and your IT DR strategy is often critical to the survival of your business after a disaster. The investment that you make today for an effective IT DR strategy will help you minimise the duration and disruption to business operations and get your IT infrastructure back up and running in the shortest amount of time.

Following a review of your environment including your Anti Virus, Email & Web, and Backup and Storage processes, we will recommend an effective IT DR strategy for your business. Solutions may include hot sites, offsite backup storage, redundant servers, image based replication, offsite replication, cloud replication and many more.

Finally, an effective IT DR strategy must be maintained and tested regularly. Under our Service Level Agreements, we remotely monitor and test your backups to ensure your IT DR solution is active and functioning correctly.

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