Virtual Communication System

VCSWork is no longer an activity undertaken in a defined space. The new workplace is anywhere employees can operate effectively and efficiently – and on a range of devices from a desktop phone, to laptop, to tablet, to smart phone.

Introducing the TCT Virtual Communication System (VCS). This is the very latest business tool that allows for telephony, collaboration, Instant Messaging (IM), and video conferencing in a single platform.

Reducing Costs on Infrastructure

Traditional onsite PBX systems are expensive and typically require dedicated hardware, software and a technician to maintain and upgrade the system. Our VCS systems are completely maintained by our qualified technical engineers.

Setup costs are minimal as you do not need to purchase or install the PBX at your premises. The core hardware is located remotely and installed, configured and maintained by our technicians. The system is scalable with the ability to grow with your business.

Reducing Call Costs

The cost structure of the VCS systems is far more flexible than that of traditional PBX systems and can represent enormous savings to your business including:

  • Untimed STD (National) Calls; Free calls between your offices
  • Reduced Local Call rates
  • Remote connection from anywhere in the world – through the power of the internet you can always be in contact
  • Considerably lower call costs through our buying power
  • If you move you take your phone numbers with you. Just plug the phone in to your SIP connection at the new location, without any interruptions for your service
  • Scalability – choose as many, and use as many numbers and services as you need

Our clients have benefited from savings in call costs of up to 70% when compared to their current suppliers.