Managed IT Support Services

Managed IT Support at its best.Here at TCT we understand that sifting through the minefield that is IT can sometimes be a little daunting.

This is why our experienced and dedicated engineers are ready to assist you with your IT requirements.


What our IT Consulting services cover

Don’t have an in-house IT person? Need some help with the day-to-day IT requirements of your business? 

There are many and varied reasons why businesses need an IT consultant to assist with IT requirements within the company. Our IT services in Sydney, Melbourne and Horsham assist businesses with large and small IT projects ranging from:-

  • Server implementation
  • Desktop computer upgrades
  • Software upgrades
  • Storage device assistance
  • Computer networking
  • Software licensing assistance
  • Backup systems
  • System recovery
  • Disaster recovery
  • Anti virus / Anti spyware
  • Web/Email filtering
  • Equipment protection
  • Patching
  • Many other facets of IT systems

IT Services for Small Business

When running a small business, making sure your systems work is the key to being efficient and productive. Without the right technology to back up your business processes, your whole business can be running inefficiently which means you lose traction, customers and sales.

Our IT support services for small business focus on the right IT solutions for you – this means you can focus on running your business and not worry about IT and Tech problems. Having TCT manage your IT services means you:-

  • Have more time to focus on your business, not your IT issues.
  • Increase your customer satisfaction with faster, better systems in place.
  • Reduce IT costs by ensuring you’re running up-to-date technology.
  • Have your own expert – rather than rely on the person in the office who knows the most about computers.
  • Get the best advice – as we do this day in day out for hundreds of customers.

Project Management for Larger IT projects

One of our core business services is Project Management. We know that detailed project planning is a critical path to deliver your project on time, and within budget.

Our engineers are experienced in all aspects of project management and we offer a tailored project scoping and testing plan for your project.

We also offer IT consulting to:-

  • Assist IT staff on holiday support
  • Overflow IT in peak times or in holiday trading times
  • One-off project implementation – we take care of the setup and implementation then train your IT staff so they can manage and maintain the systems

To ensure your project runs on time and within budget, we complete the following phases for larger projects:

For major IT projects our IT Consultants will:-

  • Conduct an Initial Analysis – This helps us to understand the scope of your requirements.
  • Project Design – We will create a strategy to deploy your IT requirements efficiently and without hassle.
  • Project Implementation – We will oversee implementation of the required systems to ensure all goes smoothly.
  • System and User Testing – Now that your project is up and running we make sure everything and everyone is working how it should.
  • Post Review – After implementation we go over everything with a fine tooth comb and report back to you.

Project Management can have multiple approaches, some formal whilst others are less formal. We can offer services to meet your particular requirements.

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Free Tech Report Card – Find out where your IT falls down

Would you like to know what other successful people in businesses similar to yours are doing to solve IT issues?

We can provide an IT support audit of your current systems and provide a report that details the points of weakness in your current IT setup.

We offer the Technology Report Card at no cost and no-obligation, to determine how your IT environment is currently performing against industry best practice, identify any potential vulnerabilities and to discuss a long-term strategic plan for your business.

It’s a way for us to get to know you and your business and give you plenty of value up front so that you have an opportunity to get to know us and discover the value we can add to your IT environment.

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